Into the groove Chord Guitar - Madonna

Am Am Am Am
And you can dance, for inspiration, come on, I'm waiting !
(REFR. 1 =)
Am G F G Am G F G
Get into the groove, boy, you've got to prove your love to me, yeah!
Am G F G A G F - G
Get up on your feet, yeah, step to the beat, boy, what will it be.
Am G F G
1. Music can be such a revelation,
Am G F G
dancing around you feel the sweet sensation.
Am G F G
We might be lovers, if the rhythm's right,
Am G F G
I hope this feeling never ends tonight.
Am F G
(REFRAIN 2 =) Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free.
Am F G
At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see,
Am F G
I'm tired of dancing here all by myself.
Am F G
Tonight I wanna dance with someone else. + REFRAIN 1
Am - G F G
2. Gonna get to know you in a special way.
Am G F G
this doesn't happen to me every day.
Am G F G
Don't try to hide it, love wears no disguise,
Am G F G
I see the fire burning in your eyes. + REFRAIN 2 + REFRAIN 1
Am G F G Am G F G Am
3. Live out your fantasy here with me, just let the music set you free.
G F G Am G F - G
Touch my body, and move in time, now I know you're mine.
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